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pais's Journal

=walk into this world with your head up high=
13 July
"if being sane is thinking there's something wrong with being different...I'd rather be completely fucking mental."

people dont change..you were just too blind to see what they always were.

"YOU - yes YOU - YOU are special..
don't let them say that YOU can't be the things YOU want
don't belive them - try before you die to be what you want to be
cause you might die today. take YOUR BEST SHOT - BLOW THEM AWAY !"

people discussed on my LJ=

valeri-kissmeonmyheart one of my best friendss lives in surfside, currently dating craig coolest funniest girl in the entire world.

nicole- neekole one of my best freinds, bay point, everyone loves her, is from aussie land.

siggy- xsigbertx nicoles best friend, currently not dating anyone..kinda playing every1 =) lives in texas

veronica- shinetheabyss hangs out in bp sometimes, everyones friend, goes to a lot of shows, has 10000 different hair colors.

kelly- craziigrrl i dont even know where she is right now..in potato land

Felipe- aligatorfunboy- funniest kid ever, likes to go thrifting, currently dating emery, lives in bfe and give bad instructions.

Charlotte-forthebloodof coolest girl ever, senior at my school, very unique i <3 her

Emery-luminousfactor one of valeris best freinds, lives in surfside. i lov eyou em!

Dezi- mollybox seems liek a really cool girl, not that ive met her, but still..

Kyra- __oohsnap a senior at my school.. she rocks my socks...she likes to slip and fall a lot.

Sarah- sarahmoods really cool girl. ill meet her one day haha were just both really lazy. used to date siggy

Stephanie-stefster one of my really good freinds, can talk to her about anything, so funny.

Tim- thestraytim a stupid idiotic liar of whom i probably will never see again thank the lord. haha what a loser.

craig- knoemyname valeris boyfriend..fucking genious..funniest kid ever. doesnt liek to play with man cards. =)
Those are m' livejournal ppl i talk about sometimes =)